How to write a good resume?

  • Posted on May 2, 2018

How to write a great resume for a job?

Resume it is your reflection of on the paper. So try your best to impress the employee with your outstanding skills and experience. Do not be shy and flatter yourself. But remember that staying honest is much more  important.

Choose the Structure

Before writing decide what structure of the resume you would like to use. There are three main types common all around the world.

The first one is – chronological. It is a type of resume, where you present the information about your education, skills and working experience in the chronological order. It is easy to track your personal development for an employer in that way.  So decide which way you will go: from the most resents events and back in time or from your very first experience and to the present days.

The second type is – functional. It means that the emphasis s made on the skills of the employee. It is usually a good decision for people, who change the working place or even field a lot. Thu they have many skills they may apply for an opening. If you put that working path n the chronological order it will look messy, so better make an emphasis on your abilities.

The third type – is the combination of the two above mentioned. It fits perfectly someone, who has a lot of experience but changes careers regularly.

Personal Information

Of course you should include some basic information on yourself, such as your name, date of birth and contact information. Use only your professional e-mail address that has your name. Some silly high school address made up for fun won’t work. So think carefully on what you are writing. If you don’t have one – create one. It will take you 5 minutes but you will appear much more representative in front of the employer.

When it comes to the information about your education be specific about what school did you attend and what was your GPA. Think back a little bit, if you had any awards for learning abilities include it on the paper. List your major as well. Include so courses that are relevant to the position that will show your knowledge of the subject.

If you include information on your skills give examples. While writing, make sure that the employer can track the connection between the position you had before and the experience that you received.

Clean the Resume

Keep out irrelevant information. Some of your life experience may be important to you or helped you become a better person but it doesn’t matter much for an opening. If there’s some less-relevant information – leave it aside. If you applying for a position of a writer do not include experience such as” hey buddy, write my essay please” from college times.

But do not cut out less-relevant experience, if you feel that it will leave some gaps in your working path. So give yourself enough time to reread.

It is also very important to make the resume clean and neat. If the information is not structured, the employer may not take enough time to go through that mess. So think ahead.