The Riverview High School Kiltie Band, based in Sarasota, Florida, is a nationally recognized Scotish Pipe & Drum Marching Band considered by many as the "Best Band in the Land". Click here to return to RHS Kiltie Band home page.

The Riverview High School Kiltie Band, based in Sarasota, Florida, is a nationally recognized Scotish Pipe & Drum Marching Band considered by many as the "Best Band in the Land". Click here to return to RHS Kiltie Band home page.
Mark Spreen, Director of Music · Norm Vagn, Director of Bands

The Riverview High School Kiltie Band, based in Sarasota, Florida, is a nationally recognized Scotish Pipe & Drum Marching Band considered by many as the "Best Band in the Land". Click here to return to RHS Kiltie Band home page.




Authentic Kiltie Uniform

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Click to view an enlarged image of the Authentic Kiltie Uniform.The authentic Scottish style uniform, replete with sporran and kilt, distinguishes the Kiltie Band among all other high school bands. The selection of the Kiltie Band uniform linked the organization to the history of Sarasota. Local citizens suggested that the uniform should reflect Sarasota's Scottish heritage.

A look at our area's history reveals that the founding of Sarasota was conceived in Scotland by officials of the Florida Mortgage and Investment Co., Ltd. This was the British group that purchased about 50,000 acres in this region. The town plat was drawn in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the first plots of land were sold in Scotland and England in the summer of 1885. A colony of 68 men, women and children, mostly from Scotland, sailed into Sarasota Bay on December 28, 1885 and helped establish what is now the city of Sarasota.

The MacDonald dress, adopted from the clan background of some of the first settlers. is bright maroon and white, with blue and other colors. This tartan was selected for the Riverview Band, as was the traditional Scottish Kilt. British bright royal scarlet was selected for the traditional battle jacket. This is the same uniform worn by current and traditional Scottish regiments.

Click the image above to view a descriptive enlargement of the Authentic Kiltie Uniform.¯

Uniform Distribution

  • Uniforms are purchased from Scotland and are a major expense to the Kiltie organization. A student must be fully uniformed to perform with the band. Repeated failure to bring a complete uniform to performances may result in dismissal from the performing group. Each student is responsible for his or her own uniform. If you lose a part of the uniform, you must pay for the lost part.

  • There is a required uniform fee (Fairshare). Uniforms are issued during summer band camp. This fee is due at the time the uniform is issued. Musicians and guard must bring the designated band shoe to uniform distribution in order to be fitted for spats. All Kiltie’s will receive a Kiltie t-shirt during uniform distribution.

  • Wearing the uniform of the Kiltie musicians, pipers, dance, guard, or any part of said uniform to any unauthorized function will result in the loss of the uniform.

  • Loaning the uniform and or parts is strictly against all regulations.

  • Uniform parts, flag equipment, swords, drums and/or any additional equipment issued must be paid in full if lost or misplaced.

  • Always wear your issued Kiltie T-shirt and black shorts or approved boxers under your uniform. No jean shorts, cut-offs or shorts longer than your kilt will be allowed.

  • Hats are worn two fingers above the eyebrows. When hats are removed, they should be placed under the epaulet of your jacket, especially when you are in the bleachers. Do not attach the hat to the jacket using the hat ribbon.

  • Tartans are adjusted so the back edge is even with the hem of the kilt. It is a good practice to pin this at the shoulder of the jacket under the epaulet. This will prevent the tartan from being pulled out and getting lost.

  • Long hair is to be worn back/up and all hair accessories, scrunches, barrettes, etc., must be black in color. No hair dye or color in the hair that is not your natural color will be allowed.

  • There will be uniform and equipment inspections before performances. Infractions will be reflected in the student’s grade. There is to be absolutely NO jewelry except post earrings. This includes watches, necklaces, rings and class rings.

Uniform Care

  • Always hang your uniform up after each use. Make sure the kilt is hung from the top of the hanger (not folded over) so pleats will fall in place. Your uniform should be dry cleaned frequently.

  • If the uniform gets wet, do not leave it in your garment bag. Hang it up as soon as you get it home. Let it dry completely before you take it to the dry cleaner. They will not clean a wet uniform. Hang your wet jacket away from other parts of the uniform to dry. The red dye will bleed  into the lighter colored wool.

  • Keep all parts together in a garment bag and put your name on the bag. It is suggested that you purchase a garment bag that has several pockets and locks. A good sturdy garment bag is required.

  • You are responsible for this uniform. You will be charged for any lost parts. This includes failure to return those parts assigned to you or parts borrowed during the year and not returned. Each uniform part is numbered. You are responsible for returning those numbered articles that are checked out to you. Do not get uniform parts mixed with another band member’s uniform. If you turn in a part that is not yours, you are still responsible for your assigned part.

  • Replacement buttons for jackets may be obtained in the uniform room from authorized personnel at a cost of $1 each. Buttons will be provided at uniform check out for all jackets, which are missing buttons at no charge. Any student returning a jacket with buttons missing at the end of the year will be charged $1 for each one. 

  • It is the responsibility of each student to clean the uniform regularly between performances

  • Have all wool pieces dry-cleaned only (kilt, jacket, tartan, hose, hat). Take the uniform to a dry cleaner that will press the pleats on the kilt. Do not wash or dry the wool pieces in water. This will shrink the wool. If any of these items have been washed and shrunk, you will be charged full replacement cost of that item. 

  • Belts can be machine washed making sure to remove the breastplate and buckles. Air-drying is best. If the belt issued to you is too long, do not cut the excess off. Belts that are shortened become unusable. Tuck or pin the excess when necessary. 

  • Flag belts cannot be immersed in water because of damage to the leather holders. The white belt straps can be soaked in warm water and detergent while the leather holder is held out of the water. The warm water and detergent solution can be used with a brush to scrub the belt, being careful not to get the leather wet. Do not place in the dryer; air-dry only.  

  • Spats are by far the most labor-intensive uniform part to care for. Although not difficult, regular laundering will not only keep your spats clean, but also extend the life of the spat. When the spats get dirty, put them in hot water and detergent and let them soak overnight. Warm water and detergent solution can be used with a brush to scrub the spats. Do not use bleach to clean your spats, as bleach will ruin the canvas. Air-dry only; do not put in the dryer; do not iron your spats. 

  • Shoes are purchased during band camp. All musicians and guard must wear the designated black shoe. 

  • Sporrans must be hung on a hanger after each performance. This prevents the horsehair from curling. Be sure the sporran chain is not hooked in any way to the tassel rings on the back of the sporran. The tassels will not support this weight and will pull loose. 

  • TIP: Memorize your HAT and TARTAN part numbers since these are the most frequently lost articles. 

The Uniform Room

Volunteer members from the Kiltie Boosters organization staff the uniform room. The uniform room will be open on Thursday nights at 5:30 PM, before all football games and most performances. Other times will be posted on the bulletin board. Take care of all uniform problems at this time. 

All Kilties must arrive before each performance with a complete uniform. Please check your garment bag for all uniform parts. If you are missing a part, you can report to the uniform room to borrow a part.¯

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